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Creating an Employee Onboarding Program - 3 Reasons to Customize

April 20, 2016

Many companies have a comprehensive employee onboarding program that every new hire must complete. On the surface, this seems like a great introduction to the organization, but if you dig a little...
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Exempt or Non-Exempt? That's the $921 Question

April 7, 2016

Big changes are coming to overtime rules. What's changing? Who's affected? How can you control your overhead -- and stay compliant? In 2004, the US Department of Labor updated the standard salary...
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Leveraging Big Data to Make Better Staffing Decisions

April 6, 2016

If your hiring process hasn’t been updated in years, you’re wasting time and money every time you fill an open position. An applicant tracking system allow you to gather pertinent information that...
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