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What is Contract to Hire?

As more companies adopt new employment practices like hiring more remote workers, freelancers and non-traditional roles, contract to hire positions are growing more prevalent.
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How Companies Benefit From Using Contract to Hire Employees

Contract to hire jobs are an excellent way for employees and companies to gauge if the position and company is a good fit for all parties.
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How To Recruit Top Talent: 3 Steps to Take in Hiring and Onboarding

For the majority of organizations, determining how to recruit top talent is no easy feat.  According to a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, the average cost-per-hire is...
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5 Common Misconceptions About Staffing Agencies and Temporary Staffing

The staffing industry is not what it used to be. Not that long ago, most employers viewed "temp help" as a "necessary evil"--a last resort when a fill-in was needed for a low-level employee.
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Benefits of Using Contract and Temporary Employees

All organizations experience annual phases when extra help is needed in order to complete a large project or meet increased service demands. More often than not, a company’s solution to a growing...
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How to Decide Between Using Temporary Help vs Hiring a Permanent Employee

Is your company a bit short-staffed? Do you need a team member with a very specific skill set? If you want extra help but are hesitant to make a hiring decision because you’re not sure if your...
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5 Tips for Businesses on Selecting and Working With a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter is a wise business decision. As experienced professionals in their field, they can shorten your time-to-hire, reduce the time you spend screening resumes and conducting...
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