5 Strategies To Accelerate The Recruitment Process


A successful recruitment process is one that quickly places the right person for a position. Recruitment processes that are too long and complicated can result in wasted time and increased recruiting costs. Additionally, the longer a position is open, the more stress is displaced on employees and managers needing to cover gaps in productivity.

By accelerating the recruitment process, companies can save money and resources, improve the quality of hires, and reduce employee turnover. Here are some helpful recruitment process tips for companies looking to speed up the hiring process.

Tips To Speed Up The Recruitment Process


1. Write Clear Job Descriptions

A clear job description or job advertisement helps to reduce the number of unqualified candidates that fill out a job application. This method helps recruiters reduce that amount of work required to sift through bad applications and more accurately deliver qualified candidates for review.

However, being too descriptive and specific in job requirements can scare away potentially great candidates from applying. Finding the right balance of clarity is a necessary skill for recruiters to build in order to truly optimize the recruitment and selection process.

2. Create A Talent Pipeline For Proactive Hiring

A talent pipeline is a group of candidates that are ready to fill open positions and can be used for both current and future job openings. With a proactive hiring strategy, candidates are pre-screened and qualifications updated regularly to quickly place staff when positions become available.

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3. Outline Your Recruitment Process Steps

Different companies and industries have unique recruitment process steps that can shorten or extend the time to hire. To optimize recruiting efforts, companies need to clearly outline each step in the recruitment process – from initial search to on-boarding – and identify inefficiencies that can be improved or removed.

Maybe the interview process involves too many stakeholders or a job assessment test requires too much time to evaluate. Whatever the issue may be, clearly outlining the entire recruitment process will give recruiters visibility into bottlenecks and how to tackle the problems at hand.

4. Leverage Recruiting Technology

There are a number of tools available to help streamline the recruiting process for companies. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), social media, video conferencing tools, and digital advertising are a few common technologies companies today are leveraging in order to simplify the recruitment process.

Explore which technologies make the most sense for your business, but keep in mind that your hiring team must understand how to use these tools to their fullest in order for there to be progress. Implementing a complex tool without the proper training may backfire and ultimately slow down your recruitment process.

5. Partner With A Staffing Agency

Outsourcing the staffing and recruitment process to a staffing agency can help companies to significantly accelerate their recruitment process. Staffing agencies have specialized expertise in finding the best fit between candidate and position, as well as access to a large talent pool of qualified, pre-screened applicants.

When it comes to writing clear job descriptions, generating a stellar talent pipeline, identifying improvements in the recruitment process, and leveraging the latest recruiting technology, staffing agencies can do it all. Without the need for investments in internal staff and training, companies can save time and reduce short and long-term recruiting costs.

Sparks Group is a full-service staffing agency, with access to a vast talent pool of quality candidates and the recruiting expertise needed to accelerate and optimize the recruitment process.

Connect with one of our staffing and recruiting experts to learn how Sparks Group can streamline the talent acquisition process and reduce the time it takes to hire top talent.

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