3 Ways To Optimize Your Recruitment And Selection Process

Recruitment and Selection Process
The recruitment and selection process has been called “the most important strategic planning that your company needs,” but it is often overlooked or not taken seriously enough by most companies.

More often than not, a company’s biggest asset, liability, and opportunity for growth are their employees which is why it’s important to have a recruitment process in place that empowers you to hire the right people every single time.

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Optimize Your Recruitment And Selection Process

1. Don’t Focus On The Questions, Focus On The Interview.

Too many times interviewers focus on buzzworthy questions they believe will help them understand everything they need to know about the candidate. However, there aren’t specific questions that will instantly give them insight into the candidate.

Instead, recruiters should focus on the interview process as a whole. Spend your time getting to know the candidate better by exploring their skills and gaining an understanding of their experience and personality. Asking questions related to your industry and the candidate’s skillsets will be far more effective than a couple of oddball questions.

2. Test A Candidate’s Skills

Unfortunately, some candidates lie on their resume which is why it’s important that hiring staff check references and follow up with previous employers to evaluate a candidate’s stated skills and background.

For some hiring managers, viewing a candidate’s portfolio is enough to prove their skills. However, many companies test a candidate's skills in the form of a test, written, verbal or otherwise. The job assessment test doesn’t have to be complex, but it should be difficult enough for the candidate to show the level of their skill set.

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3. Include Other Relevant Employees

One person shouldn’t conduct the entire talent acquisition process on their own. Recruiters should involve other qualified employees throughout the interview process to get an accurate understanding of the skills the potential candidate can bring to the company and how their personality will fit in with the rest of the team.

This should include the candidate’s future manager, the department’s head or even a team member who will be working closely with them on a daily basis. It can also be effective to include a recruitment and staffing expert in the hiring process. These consultants can manage almost all of the entire recruitment and selection process from candidate sourcing to interviews, streamlining the hiring process for internal HR teams.

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