From Reactive to Proactive: How to Rethink Your Hiring Strategies

From Reactive to Proactive: How to Rethink Your Hiring Strategies

Currently, your company is operating on a reactive hiring strategy, but that probably isn’t working too well. Waiting to start searching for talent until there’s an opening on your roster promises you’ll either be left shorthanded until you’re able to find the perfect fit or forces you to hire a subpar candidate just to fill the gap. Clearly, it’s time to institute some major changes.

However, before instituting major changes to your organization, consider these quick tips. 

6 Tips To Move From Reactive To Proactive Hiring

1. Plan for the Future

A reactive hiring strategy focuses on short-term fixes, while a proactive hiring plan centers on long-term goals. Figure out where you want your company to be one, two and even five years from now, and use this to plan your hiring needs. For example, if you want to double your client list in the next two years, you might need to hire more sales staff.

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2. Define Your Ideal Candidate

Whether you’re filling an existing position or creating a new one, things are often crazy busy when it’s time to hire a new employee. Simplify the task by going through every position on your lineup and determining what you want in the perfect candidate. This gives you an excellent guideline to reference when it’s time to add a new person to the team.

3. Never Stop Recruiting

Proactive hiring managers are always searching for potential hires, and you need to adopt this strategy. Whether you simply accept resumes on an ongoing basis or hire outstanding passive candidates when the opportunity arises largely depends on your budget; just make sure you’re not limiting the search process to when you need someone immediately.

5. Work With a Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency is an easy way to develop a proactive hiring strategy for passive because they’ll take the lead. Your recruiter will work with you to learn more about your company and where you’re headed, then start searching for candidates that fit the profile of your perfect hire. They’ll vet the candidates and create a talent pool you can access when you’re ready to fill an open position — it’s that simple.

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