Charlotte Recruiting Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Charlotte Recruiting Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next Level

The combination of strong economic growth and historically low unemployment rates means that the U.S. as a whole is facing a candidate-driven job market giving candidates more leverage in the hiring process. This is even more apparent in a metropolitan area like Charlotte, NC, where the unemployment rate is even lower than the national average.

As a result, wages in Charlotte are often higher than the national average, even though the cost of living is five percent lower, highlighting the stiff competition among employers for qualified candidates to fill open positions.

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In this highly competitive environment, recruiters often look for creative ways to connect with candidates to fill open positions. These creative recruitment strategies can be especially effective in booming areas like Charlotte, NC.

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Charlotte Recruiting Strategies To Improve Talent Acquisition

1. Charlotte Campus Recruiting

A study from the Harvard Business Review found that 84 percent of companies understand the value of campus recruitment as a crucial step to attracting top talent. With that said, college campuses located in and around the Charlotte, NC area, including top schools like the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and Davidson College, are great opportunities for employers to find well-educated and eager job candidates.

Building a successful campus recruitment strategy gives employers access to a large candidate base that is generally less expensive to hire, highly motivated, and easier to train. Hiring college graduates can be valuable in helping to fill a position that is currently open, as well as building a pool of potential candidates for future openings.

2. Employee Referral Programs

Creating or refreshing an employee referral program offers numerous benefits to a company. A candidate sourced from an employee referral is 2.6 - 6.6 percent more likely to accept a job offer after an interview than a candidate from alternate sources. This reduces wasted time and the administrative burden on Charlotte recruiting teams.

82 percent of employers rated employee referrals as having the highest ROI of any candidate sourcing strategy, and 88 percent agreed that candidates referred by current employees are of the highest quality as well.

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3. Social Recruiting

Using social media for recruiting is a cost-effective, flexible way to reach a pool of active and passive candidates. This allows companies to get in their open positions in front of the 88 percent of millennials – the largest segment of today’s workforce – who use social media daily.

Charlotte recruiting using social media platforms like LinkedIn, provides an easy way for recruiting teams to keep in touch with candidates for future opportunities. Companies can also gain a better understanding of who they are hiring by analyzing profile information and credentials.

4. Charlotte Staffing Agencies

The American Staffing Association estimates that staffing agencies help to place more than 15 million employees per year in the temporary, contract, and permanent positions. There are numerous benefits to partnering with a staffing agency including:

  • Access to qualified candidates

  • Expertise in recruiting top talent

  • Pre-screening and job matching

  • The potential for a contract or temp-to-perm placement

By leveraging staffing agencies in Charlotte, NC, companies can relieve the administrative burden on recruiting staff and hiring managers by forwarding only pre-screened, highly-qualified candidates for consideration. Using their expertise in connecting job seekers with new positions, a staffing agency can reduce time to hire, improving employee productivity and performance metrics throughout the company.

Sparks Group is a nationwide staffing and recruiting firm with specialized Charlotte, NC divisions dedicated to helping enterprise and local businesses maximize their talent acquisition capabilities. As a strategic hiring partner, we remove the administrative burden on internal hiring by managing the entire talent acquisition process with top talent that aligns with your business goals.

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