Why Campus Recruitment Is a Crucial Step to Attracting Top Talent

Campus Recruitment Hiring College Graduates

A strong economy and record-low unemployment have intensified the competition for top talent among employers. In a candidate market, more employers are looking to campus recruitment as a solution to filling open positions.

A study from CareerBuilder found that 80 percent of employers intended on hiring college graduates in 2018, up from 74 percent in 2017 and only 54 percent in 2008. The competition for candidates is fierce and, as such the competition for the most talented college graduates is fierce, too.

Organizations should have a campus recruitment strategy to tap into the following benefits.

1. Creating A Talent Pipeline

In a tight labor market, a recruiter can stay ahead of the curve by taking a proactive approach to managing current and future hiring needs. A campus recruiting program can be an important piece of that talent pipeline, allowing an organization to screen candidates for positions that are currently available, as well as to mark potential candidates for future openings.

2. Cost-To-Hire

Recruiting costs vary from one campus to the next, but a recent survey found that the cost to hire a public-university undergraduate is $536, and a private-university undergraduate is $2,357. This represents significant savings over the average cost-per-hire over all industries, which according to SHRM is currently at $4,129.

Filling an open position at a low cost-per-hire means that saved resources can potentially be directed more effectively toward higher-level positions that require additional attention.

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3. Building A Brand

Campus recruiting efforts can be used to create a long-lasting impression of your organization on a wide audience, many of whom will have their initial exposure to your company at college. Even young professionals that are not selected for open positions directly from campus will take their feeling about your organization into the future, creating an impression that will last.

4. Enthusiastic Workers

A recent college graduate will be excited to begin the next stage of their life, and bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace that could outweigh a lack of experience. Building a diverse workforce, including diversity in age and experience, has been found to be beneficial to productivity, innovation, and decision-making throughout the organization.

Further, getting an employee at the start of their career means that there are fewer bad habits and assumptions to overcome, allowing for employees that can be developed in alignment with strategic company goals and objectives.

A strong campus recruitment program is a critical part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy, particularly in a business environment where it is difficult to fill open positions. Campus recruitment offers access to a high-energy group of candidates, at a lower cost, while giving the company the opportunity to create a long-term talent pipeline and build a brand identity with a new audience.

Working with experienced staffing and recruiting firms, like Sparks Group, can help you create an effective campus recruitment strategy for hiring top talent. Sparks Group works as a strategic partner in hiring college graduates, senior-level posts, and more. Our recruitment experts work with you to understand your business goals and develop recruitment strategies based on your business needs and values.

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