Four Recruiting Strategies for Technology Positions


As demand for talent in the IT sector grows, improving your recruiting strategies will be essential if you want to continue to attract the top talent.
The United States is on the verge of a boom in the IT labor market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the computer and information technology space is expected to grow by 13 percent by 2026.

Increased demand means more competition and puts the power in the hands of the candidate. If you want to continue attracting the best people in the future, here are the talent acquisition strategies to implement now.

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Improving Your Recruiting Strategies to Recruit Top Talent

It doesn’t take much to enhance your company’s recruitment strategies dramatically. Implementing just one of these four strategies can have a huge impact.

1. Establish or Improve Your Local Presence

If you’re located in one of the country’s major cities, there is bound to be a thriving tech scene made up of meetups, hackathons, and social events. This scene is a hotbed for talent and an opportunity for you to establish your credentials as the top tech employer in town. At a minimum, have your recruitment staff active at these events. Or go one step further by offering sponsorship of funding.

2. Adopt a Coaching Culture Within Your Company

As demand for talent rises, employees will be able to pick and choose where they work. One way to make sure they pick you is to prove how you can invest in their personal and professional growth. When recruiting millennials, they aren’t just looking for a salary; they are looking for an opportunity to improve themselves. If your company can offer ongoing training, you won’t just become an attractive prospect; you’ll also be developing an exceptionally talented team. 

3. Make Your Marketing Work For Your HR department

Yes, marketing is key to attracting clients. But it can also be used to recruit staff, too. The more prominent your company is on a local and national level, the more appealing it will be potential employees. But this isn’t just a case of more coverage equals more talent. Focus your ads on the quality of your service as a way of attracting clients who want the best results and employees who want to work for the best company.

4. Start Working With Staffing and Recruiting Firms

Unless your HR department is dozens of employees strong, it can be time-consuming and difficult to find the best talent. Partnering with tech recruitment companies or IT temp agenices can reduce the burden tech businesses spend recruiting, interviewing, and hiring potential candidates.  IT staffing services and recruiting firms, like Sparks Group, are dedicated to finding the very best talent. We have a large pool of high-quality candidates and can quickly match our talent with your specific IT needs.

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For more information on how Sparks Group can help improve your talent acquisition strategy at you tech company contact Sparks Group to schedule a free consultation with one of our staffing and recruiting experts.

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