How to Build a Great Employment Branding Strategy

How to Build a Great Employment Branding Strategy

How well known is your brand? You may think it doesn’t really matter for the type of product or service you provide, but it actually does — a lot. People want to work for an organization they know.

The more brand recognition you have, the greater the chance that you’ll be able to attract top talent. In fact, a CareerBuilder survey found that companies with a strong employment brand attract at least 3.5 times more applications per job posting than other companies in the same industry.

4 Reasons Why Your Employment Brand Really Matters in Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Think you don’t have to invest much into how job seekers and employees? Below are four reasons why employment branding really does make a difference:

1. Attract Top Talent:

When people have a strong understanding of your brand coming in, it’s much easier to make them want to work for your company, because they know what you stand for. They’ve already determined what they like about your company, so you don’t really have to convince them to want to work for you. Alternately, if people recognize your brand and don’t identify with it, they can bow out before you waste time and money trying to recruit them.

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2. Entice Passive Candidates:

Passive candidates are often difficult to attract, because they’re happy at their current positions. However, if you have an employment brand they recognize and respect, they’ll be much more willing to consider leaving their jobs for a great opportunity at your organization.

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3. Enjoy Lower Recruitment Costs:

You’re going to damage your employment brand if you fail to deliver on expectations you set for people during the interview and hiring process. A CareerBuilder survey revealed that 35 percent of workers cited the company as the number one reason they decided to voluntarily leave a previous position, with just 28 percent citing the job itself. 

4. Spend Less on Turnover

When you have a brand that people admire and want to work for, you’re constantly getting applications from top talent. This means you don’t have to spend months looking for the right candidate when you need to fill an open position. Take advantage of this opportunity to advertise less and find the best person faster.

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