4 Recruiting Strategies Proven to Enhance Your Talent Pool

4 Recruiting Strategies Proven to Enhance Your Talent Pool

In recruiting, an effective talent pool can be your greatest resource and clearest path to success, particularly in a competitive environment. Establishing effective recruiting strategies to attract quality candidates can not only reduce the time to hire, it can also improve the quality of hire, cost to hire, and overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Attracting top talent is the greatest challenge for 76 percent of hiring managers, according to Glassdoor’s HR & Recruiting Stats for 2018. Low unemployment, along with a strong economy, has created a candidate-driven job market throughout the U.S., causing increased competition among employers to attract and hire top-quality candidates for open positions.

With candidates having more power in the recruitment process, businesses must utilize new strategies to source and interest candidates. Creating a robust talent pool allows employers to efficiently manage candidates for existing openings while preparing a supply of both active and passive job seekers for future consideration.

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Effective Recruiting Strategies To Enhance Your Talent Pool

1. Referral Programs

According to research from LinkedIn, a company can expand its talent pool by a factor of 10 by recruiting through current employee networks. In one study, 88% of employers agreed that referred candidates make the best employees, and are more than twice as likely to stay with the company more than two years compared to employees sourced through job boards.

2. Social Recruiting

Social recruiting strategies are a powerful tool for companies to connect with candidates, especially the millennial workforce who consider social media and professional networks to be the most useful job search resources. Social media can be used to connect with both active and passive candidate, as well as provide a tool to maintain contact and build ongoing relationships with your talent pool.

3. Inbound Recruiting

Capturing job seekers from your website is a simple and effective recruiting strategy for any company. Ensuring that your website includes the basic elements to drive job seekers to join the talent pool may include a dedicated careers page with a form to submit resumes, a dynamic job board for users to browse opportunities or even a chatbot that can help direct users through the hiring process.

4. Partnering With A Staffing Agency

Some companies may not have the bandwidth or the internal resources necessary to effectively manage the talent acquisition process. Often times, human resource departments must allocate additional hours to attracting and placing candidates, which can slow down big-picture initiatives and increase recruiting cost.

Partnering with a strategic staffing agency, like Sparks Group, gives companies access to dedicated recruiters who hand-select and prescreen candidates based on company needs and fit. This pre-screening process saves HR teams from the time-consuming tasks of weeding through job inquiries and allows them to focus their efforts on core business initiatives for long-term success.

Sparks Group is a strategic staffing agency helping companies to streamline the talent acquisition process to quickly attract and place highly skilled candidates. Our staffing services provide HR teams the hiring support they need to find highly qualified candidates and optimize their valuable time.

Growing your business with the recruiting firm is essential for success. Connect with our staffing experts to improve your recruiting strategies and attract top talent.

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