Talent Acquisition Trends 2023: Explore the Insights From Our August LinkedIn Poll Results

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Stay updated on the talent acquisition trends in 2023, according to your peers. Every Friday, we post a LinkedIn poll to gain valuable insights from our followers. We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us better understand how we can place highly qualified candidates in the right positions. 


This monthly blog series will recap the poll results and share our thoughts. Did you miss July’s results recap? Read the poll results here.

Explore our employer poll and candidate poll pages to learn even more about 2023 talent acquisition trends.


Discover the Effects of Ghosting Candidates


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In part eight of our Candidate Poll Series, we asked our followers how they feel when companies ghost them during the hiring process. Sixty-five percent of you said you wouldn’t apply to a company again, followed by 24% thinking you must have done something wrong, 6% thinking you’ll get it next time, and 4% thinking you didn’t want the job anyway.


Hiring teams should avoid ghosting candidates so they don’t burn any bridges if the applicant wants to apply again. Plus, a ghosted candidate could share their experience with others, deterring qualified candidates from applying.


Learn the Importance of Hiring Candidates with Soft Skills


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In part 12 of our Employer Poll series, we asked which soft skills you find candidates lack the most. Communication received the most responses with 45% of the votes, followed by outside-the-box thinking at 42%, organization with 8%, and teamwork with 5% of the votes.


Sparks Groups’ Crystal Connelly, Director of Sales, and Michael McDonald, IT Division Manager, said hiring teams should be flexible when vetting candidates for soft skills. Finding talent with all the right soft and hard skills is challenging, so you should prioritize which skills matter most to you. Then, ask applicants thought-provoking questions to understand their current skills better and determine if you think they’re trainable in areas that need improvement.


Learn more about vetting candidates for soft skills in this blog post


See Where Candidates Look for Company Reviews Before Submitting Job Applications


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In our candidate poll series, we asked candidates where they look for company reviews before applying for a job. Almost 40% of you chose Google Reviews, followed by 28% voting for Indeed, 25% choosing “other” and commenting with other review sites like Glassdoor, and 10% voting for company websites.


According to Glassdoor, 86% of employees and job seekers surveyed look at employer reviews and ratings before submitting job applications.1 For this reason, your company should keep up with your online reviews. Like with job applicants, respond to all of them. Be professional and understanding when responding to reviews, whether positive or negative. Remember that other people, like potential employees, can see your reply.


Hear what some of our clients had to say about working with Sparks Group for their staffing and recruiting needs. Visit our Client Testimonials page to learn about their experiences partnering with us.


Corporate Accounting Is the Most-Desired Skill in Financial and Accounting Hires


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In our Employer Poll series, we asked you what is the top skill you look for in financial and accounting hires. More than 40% of you said corporate accounting, followed by 24% of you voting for financial modeling, and a tie at 18% for auditing and other skills shared in the comments, such as soft skills like problem-solving.


Along with the skills listed in the poll answer options, these are a few more highly desired financial and accounting skills, according to our research.2

  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting software
  • Tax laws

At Sparks Group, our expert recruiters deeply understand the accounting and financial sector through in-field experience. Reach out today to find top talent.


Corporate Accounting Is the Most-Desired Skill in Financial and Accounting Hires


These are the latest tips and talent acquisition trends in 2023 according to your peers: 

  • Follow up with all candidates to avoid the negative effects of candidate ghosting.
  • Vet candidates for your most desired soft skills and determine if they’re trainable.
  • Monitor and respond to your company’s online reviews to maintain your brand reputation.
  • Depending on the role, keep the most desired accounting and financial skills in mind when hiring talent.

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1Glassdoor, The Most Important Employer Branding Statistics to Know, April 5, 2021.
2We used these publications to formulate a list of the most desired accounting and financial skills: Accounting Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Robert Half, and The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).


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