Setting Expectations During Employee Onboarding

Setting Expectations During New Hire Onboarding

Hiring a new person to join your team is very exciting ─ especially if you’ve been trying to fill the position for a while now. While you may have piles of work stacked up waiting for their arrival, be sure not to overwhelm them right away.

Making a good first impression sets the tone for their duration of their employment. It’s important to provide thorough training, make yourself readily available, and allow them to ease into their new role. If you expect too much too soon, there’s a good chance you’ll scare the new hire off and have the open position on your hands yet again.

4 Tips For Setting Expectations During Employee Onboarding

Do your new hires often have trouble adjusting to the team? If so, your on-boarding process ─ or lack thereof ─ may be to blame. Follow these tips to get your new workers up to speed:

1. Provide Training Immediately

It’s important to start training your new hires right away, but don’t expect them to catch on immediately. Learning new systems, processes, and procedures takes time so be patient and get ready to answer lots of questions.

2. Offer Regular Feedback

You can’t expect new hires to know if they’ve made a mistake. Learning how to do a new job is a process of trial and error. Provide feedback each day on things the person is doing well and gentle tips on ways to improve.

3. Make Expectations Clear

It’s not fair to place heavy expectations on a new hire before they’ve had a chance to become acquainted with the job. Create a 30-60-90 day plan detailing what is expected of them at each milestone. Meet with them regularly to discuss their progress and answer any questions they have.

4. Include Them Right Away

Be sure to make new hires feel like part of the team from day one. Invite them to team meetings, give them a small part of a project to work on, and listen to their ideas. As they become more comfortable in their new role, gradually increase their level of responsibility.

More great tips for developing a great employee onboarding program:

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