Recruit Top Talent and Combat Inflation with a Staffing Agency in Florida


Central Florida is experiencing a lot of growth, both positive and challenging. The rising population and growth of industries like information technology (IT) mean a larger candidate pool and open positions.  


On the other hand, more talent makes finding the most qualified candidates challenging, and more job opportunities mean more competition to recruit top applicants. Not to forget that Florida’s rising costs of goods and services make it even more difficult for companies to attract, recruit, and retain talent. 


Don’t worry; let’s review key hiring trends in Florida and how to create an effective recruiting strategy with the help of a Florida staffing agency.  


Florida’s Growing Population Equals More Candidates 


Florida is number one in the country for the most quickly growing state, which hasn’t happened since 1957. From 2021 to 2022, Florida’s population rose by 1.9% to 22,244,823, which is more than nine times the amount of Florida’s population in 1946.1


Consequently, there’s a large number of candidates living in the state who could be active job seekers or open to new opportunities. As of April 2023, Florida’s labor pool grew by 5.8% since February 2020, and Orlando, Florida’s labor pool increased by 4.2% throughout the year. Not to forget that you also have a pool of remote candidates to consider. 


Growing Industries and Open Positions in Florida 


There are many growing industries in the Florida area, such as IT and technology, administrative and office support, creative and marketing, accounting and finance, and call centers.  


In April 2023, Florida’s fastest growing industry was professional and business services, adding 10,900 positions, followed by education and health services adding 7,100 jobs, and financial activities, adding 2,700 jobs.2


The Orlando leisure and hospitality industries increased the most during the last year with 27,700 open roles, and Orlando’s education and health services industry had the second highest job increases in the previous year at 10,700 positions.2


Impact of Florida’s High Inflation Rate on Hiring and Retention 


Florida’s growing population contributes to the high inflation rate, and rising prices impact Florida companies’ ability to hire and retain the most qualified talent.  


These are a few key statistics to show how high Florida’s inflation rate is:  

  • The Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach area has a 9% inflation rate for the year ending in April 2023, the highest rate for metro areas in the country.3
  • The Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area has the country’s third-highest inflation rate at 7.3% for the year ending in May 2023.3
  • The average U.S. inflation rate in June 2023 was 4.8%.4


Partner with a Staffing Agency in Florida to Recruit Top Talent 


Attract the growing job market while combating inflation by working with a Florida staffing agency. Access top talent using a recruiter’s pool of candidates and resources. By letting recruiters vet applicants, you save time and resources by only interviewing the most qualified candidates for your positions. Experienced recruiters have expertise in the fields and industries they staff, so you can count on them to provide only the best talent.  


When you work with Sparks Group, you take advantage of these benefits: 

  • Work with staffing and recruiting experts with in-field experience and knowledge of Florida’s job market, including growing cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Florida’s Central Business District. 
  • Staff for full-time, temporary, or contract-to-hire roles.  
  • We can work with Florida-area hospitals, higher education institutions, aerospace companies, and more to staff positions in IT, administration, marketing, and finance. 
  • Our employee placements are guaranteed. 

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4 Trading Economics, US Annual Core Inflation Rate Falls More than Expected, July 12, 2023.


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