5 Decades of Staffing Delight- 1980s

Over the past 50 years, Sparks Group has partnered with local employers to fill critical recruitment needs for skilled information technology, accounting and finance, office, and creative professionals. Our hands-on staffing solutions include paying close attention to market trends and employment shifts, as well as developing talent acquisition strategies that recruit niche talent quickly, so employers can achieve their business objectives.  

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In the second installment of our Decades of Staffing Delight series we wanted to detail how our initial staffing services expanded during the 1980s. If you are interested in reading about how Sparks Group was founded and served employers and job seekers during the 1970s you can read the first blog in the series here

Expanding Staffing Service Areas

Sparks Group, known as Sparks Personnel at the time, spent its second decade partially on expanding locations to better serve private and public sector organizations and job seekers. Beginning in 1981 the company rapidly expanded its branch network by opening additional offices throughout the region in Northern Virginia, Bethesda, MD and Prince George’s County, MD. Throughout the 1980s, the company’s client base included several of the largest data processing companies, telecommunications companies, and federal agencies

Today, the regions we serve include:

  • Washington D.C. Metro Area - recruiting skilled professionals across a diverse array of technical, professional, administrative, and creative talent. Additionally, Sparks Group provides security clearance recruiting  for cleared talent up to the top secret level.
  • Charlotte, N.C - placing top finance, banking, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics talent
  • RIchmond, VA - placing top talent with a number of industries including financial services companies, federal, state, and local government, and law firms.
“The Sparks team has the uncanny ability to choose and provide you with a few ideal candidates that are a great fit from a cultural, job and organizational perspective.”
-Assistant VP at a Large Federal IT Services Company in Chantilly, VA

Steve Sparks Carries On The Original Company Vision

In 1984, Sparks Personnel Owner and Chief Executive Officer Steve Sparks purchased the company. Mr. Sparks continued the initial vision of John and Joan Sparks back in 1970, which was to match local talent with employers to fill critical employment needs with skilled administrative, data entry, and customer service professionals. 

After purchasing the company, Mr. Sparks was determined to grow the company’s reputation around principles including honest communication, business ethics, and an outstanding quality, expanding on the service Sparks Personnel provided to both job seekers and employers.

“In business we throw a lot of buzzwords around crediting professionalism and performance but not a lot of recognition for the more human fundamentals. There is a genuine kindness and authentic humanity with the culture at Sparks Group that is unfortunately uncommon in [today’s business world]. I cannot express my appreciation enough.”
-Office of the Executive VP and CMO at a Large Healthcare Organization in Washington, DC

Offering Free Training to Employees and Job Seekers

Come 1985, Sparks Personnel decided to go beyond providing employment opportunities for local job seekers and made investments into training local workforces. The staffing agency began offering free training to employees and job seekers with the goal of filling employment gaps in the local community.

From Owner and Chief Executive Officer Steve Sparks: “John and Joan Sparks had a vision to bridge the staffing needs in our business community with the best talent available in the market. When the talent was not available, we crossed the bridge by training the best candidates for the clients.”


Sparks Group: Your Workplace and Staffing Partner

After 50 years of serving employers, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to assist businesses in identifying, attracting, vetting, and recruiting skilled professionals. Part of our strategy involves close, personal relationships with the organizations we serve to fully understand their unique hiring challenges and provide proactive hiring solutions to address their needs

With Sparks Group’s expertise and resources, companies receive:

  • Reduced cost and time to hire
  • Expanded hiring reach with access to large pools of qualified professionals and passive candidates
  • Increased employee retention by recruiting best fit candidates

“The staff at Sparks Group is very professional. The recruiters always call and check to see how you’re doing and always very responsive in a timely manner.”-
Catrenia Young (October 2020) Customer Service Professional at a Local Credit Union in Washington, DC

Struggling with recruiting top talent? Or are you looking for guidance on how to design effective talent acquisition strategies? Contact Sparks Group today to speak with one of our staffing experts about the challenges you are currently facing: and get the resources you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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