Nurturing and Retaining Top Performers That are Unsatisfied

Nurturing and Retaining Top Performers That are Unsatisfied


It’s not hard to spot an unhappy employee. Their productivity levels start to decrease. They lack enthusiasm and initiative. They begin to lose interest in the entire organization and their role within it.

But when a member of your team isn’t satisfied—particularly a top performer—it’s absolutely critical to take note of the change and consider a retention strategy. Without a thoughtful plan, you run the risk of losing talent to a competing company.

Keeping your unsatisfied employees on staff isn’t just about offering them a pay raise. One of the most common reasons that an employee is unhappy in the workplace is because they don’t feel a strong connection to their company. Luckily, this is an issue that managers can easily rectify by making a few key changes.

3 Tips for Nurturing and Retaining Top Performers

The following tips can help you create a stronger company culture—and happier employees.

Schedule some one-on-one time
While exit interviews are not uncommon when an employee has already left their position, few companies take the time to interview their current employees. Conducting ‘stay interviews’ gives your employees the chance to tell you what they like and dislike about the company. Ask them what makes them want to stay in their current role and what can be improved to ensure that they will in fact do so.

Create a culture of recognition
We all need a little incentive to encourage hard work. Take advantage of any opportunity possible to let your employees know when they’ve done a great job. Provide regular systems of recognition (awards, certificates, financial incentives, etc.). Or try more unconventional methods, such as taking a star employee out to lunch once a month to reward them for their efforts.

Welcome flexibility
A 9-5 schedule day after day can take its toll. Giving your employees some additional flexibility over their schedules does wonders for morale. If one of your top performers prefers to work from home occasionally, give them the option. Or when your team has been really working hard during a peak period, offer them the chance to leave early on Fridays. Demonstrating that you appreciate their hard work and want to give them additional flexibility will help make your workplace seem more appealing.

For more great strategies on retaining top performers, contact Sparks Group. Our experienced team would be happy to discuss them with you further!

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