How to Build a Cohesive Work Environment

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Strategies to Build and Maintain Cohesive Work Groups

Working as a team is crucial in any business. Creating a cohesive work environment can be a challenge unless every member is valued and informed. Here are some strategies for success to ensure that your team avoids conflict and achieves buy-in.

1. Establish common goals.

It's important that the whole team be on the same page. Everyone needs an understanding of what you want to accomplish and how you intend to get there.

2. Identify strengths.

Build a diverse team with various strengths and be sure that everyone feels equally valued.

3. Build teamwork.

Include projects where everyone has the opportunity to work together, even if they are normally individual contributors. This helps everyone to get a sense of what each person does and hopefully builds camaraderie.

4. Promote Respect.

Each person should appreciate the contribution of every individual no matter what their role. Sales needs admins and manufacturing needs sales. Teach the value of every skill set.

5. Encourage interaction.

At a meeting or ad hoc, everyone should feel comfortable contributing to the conversation. It's your responsibility as leader of the team to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to be heard.

6. Communication is key.

Regular feedback on how things are going is crucial. Without updates, people feel excluded or lose sight of the goal

7. Conflict Resolution.

No team is perfect and there are bound to be disagreements. A system to resolve those conflicts in a healthy and constructive way is important to keeping the whole team on track.

8. Celebrate success.

Celebrating large and small accomplishments is important to making everyone feel like a valued part of the team. Single out individual players for specific contributions, but also applaud the whole group.

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