Employee Engagement Strategies That Really Work

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Engaged employees work hard every day because they enjoy their jobs and want to help their employer succeed. Powered by a mutual feeling of respect, these motivated, driven professionals do incredible work because they’re truly happy.

If your employee engagement level is less than impressive, use these tips to turn it around and make your company a great place to work.

6 Employee Engagement Strategies


1. Allot Time for Side Projects

Your employees like their work, but many also have passion projects they don’t have time to pursue. Resolve this by setting aside a couple hours each month for staffers to put their to-do lists aside and focus on personal projects close to their heart. Not only will they be grateful for this valuable time, it’s sure to ignite their creative energy, which will certainly benefit your company when it’s time to head back to reality.

2. Communicate From the Top

It’s hard to feel like part of the company when senior management consists of elusive figures occupying the C-Suite. If organizational updates are often shared through the grapevine, instead of by company leaders, people are bound to feel slighted. Change this by encouraging top executives to maintain a presence around the office, regularly interacting with staffers and meeting with the team periodically to discuss company happenings. Additionally, when the company has a major announcement to make, employees should always be informed first — and the news should come from the top.

3. Request Feedback Regularly 

Boost employee engagement levels by sending out regular surveys requesting feedback on everything from their level of clarity regarding the company’s strategic goals to whether or not the work environment makes them feel inspired and stimulated. No company is perfect, but taking the time to request employee opinions and use responses to incite real changes makes people feel like they really do matter.

4. Recognize Great Work

Your best people work hard every day to make your company a success, and many probably fall under the radar. These employees don’t need — or want — a cheering squad celebrating every little accomplishment, but a sincere thank you from time to time goes a long way. Pay close attention to the work completed by individuals on your team, and when someone exceeds expectations, acknowledge their efforts.

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5. Volunteer Together

People love to give back and really appreciate an employer who shares their values. Ask your team to suggest charities to spend the day volunteering at together, then take a vote as a group to choose which one to donate your time. Give everyone the day off work and lend a helping hand to a great cause in need.

6. Have Fun Together

Strengthen your team bond by helping your employees get to know one another outside the confines of the office. At least once a month, host an off-site activity — group lunch, happy hour, bowling, company picnic, etc. — where staffers can have fun together without thinking about work. People are much happier and more engaged when they feel a sense of comraderie with their peers.

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