Company Culture Ideas (That Your Employees Will Actually Want to Do!)

Company Culture Ideas and Team Building Activities

It’s certainly no secret that team bonding is essential to the lasting success of your staff. However, many companies go about this the wrong way, forcing employees to participate in cheesy ropes courses and other forced team-building exercises that everyone dreads.

The best way to help your team build trust and learn to work well together is allowing them to participate in activities they actually enjoy. When people are having fun, they let their guard down and allow others to get to really get to know them.

5 Fun and Fulfilling Company Culture Ideas for Businesses

Need a little help coming up with bonding activities your employees will actually like? Use these five ideas for inspiration:

  1. Institute Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Improve morale by encouraging your team members to reward one another for a job well done. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and get people to really show their support for one another.
  2. Professional Development Opportunities: Give your employees the chance to learn and grow their skills by sending them to a conference or inviting a fun and inspiring guest speaker to address the group. This shared experience is both a great way to bond make your team feel valued.
  3. Volunteer Together: Let your employees vote on a charity close to their hearts and take a day off work to volunteer as a group. No matter how you spend the day, you’ll get to help out a great cause and spend valuable time getting to know one another outside the confines of the office.
  4. Give New Team Members a Warm Welcome: Traditional orientation sessions are a good way to help new hires learn more about the company, but don’t really offer up much in terms of getting acquainted with the rest of the team. Expedite the bonding process by making a point to hold a team dinner every time you add a new person to the group.
  5. Let Your Team Choose a Monthly Outing: Allow your team to expense an out-of-the-office bonding activity once a month. Let everyone choose an activity together and take the afternoon off work to spend quality time together. Choose an idea that fits your budget, such as bowling, paintball or tickets to a baseball game.

Tips for Incorporating Company Culture into Your Recruiting Process

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