5 Skills Your Next Finance Hire Must Have

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The finance department is the backbone of every company. These professionals are responsible for keeping your organization in a healthy financial state, so it’s essential to have a team of highly qualified workers. Take the time to be very selective when filling your next finance position, as the new hire can have a huge impact on your entire company.

5 Traits to Look for In Your Next Finance Hire

Ready to add a new member to your finance team? Before narrowing down your candidate list, be sure the top contenders embody the following five traits:

  • Business Savvy: Knowing how to interpret numbers is only half the job of a finance professional ─ they also need to know how to apply this data to make wise decisions on behalf of the entire organization. Look for a candidate who is just as comfortable computing the numbers as they are making sound recommendations based off these figures.
  • Industry Know-How: Search for a candidate who understands the impact the finance department has on the organization as a whole and is committed to putting all their effort into the job each day. A dedicated finance professional is truly interested in the field and keeps up with the latest industry happenings, allowing them to apply this knowledge to their own job.
  • Excellent Communicator: Once upon a time, finance workers were able to solely stick to the numbers, without having much interaction with the rest of the team. However, those days are gone. Hire a candidate who is comfortable working as part of a team. This person should be willing and able to explain complex financial data in a manner that’s easy for everyone to understand.
  • Strong Sense of Loyalty: Hire a finance professional who truly wants to work for your company ─ not someone looking for the next stepping stone in their career. High levels of turnover cause huge disruptions to your organization and cost a great deal of money. Seek candidates who believe in your mission and are committed to being part of your organization for the long term.
  • Well-Rounded Skill Set: Taking on a candidate with a great deal of specialized knowledge in one specific area can seem like a great idea, but it limits the scope of work they’re able to accomplish. It’s best to seek candidates with well-rounded experience, so they can help out with a variety of projects.
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