Overcome Job Application Challenges by Working with a Recruiter

We’ve all been there. You send job application after job application but never seem to hear back from any company about scheduling an interview. You may be stuck wondering if they even considered your resume or if the automated systems automatically denied your application.

One effective strategy to help put your best foot forward is to work with an experienced recruiter who can offer tips to stand out from the crowd of candidates and insights into what keywords or skills to highlight during the application process.

Common Job Application Challenges

Applying for open positions can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating at times, especially when doing it alone. Job seekers may run into the following obstacles when looking for their next opportunity:

Applicant Tracking System Denials

Many organizations use applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to collect, sort, and rank applications and resumes received for open positions by scanning for relevant keywords. For some job applicants, figuring out the right keywords to use and how many to use without overstuffing can be a tricky balance to strike at the risk of hurting their chances of being considered for that role.

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Time Management

Updating resumes and applying to jobs can take large amounts of focus, and it can be hard to know which positions to apply for that will give you the best chance at getting a callback. Job seekers who already are working may struggle to find enough time to consistently send out applications for open positions, making it difficult for them to have the right game plan to apply for jobs efficiently.

In May 2021, the median unemployment duration was nearly 5 months, however that statistic refers to fully unemployed persons, not those actively looking for and applying for jobs.1 While the average time to apply for jobs will vary greatly depending on how qualified the candidate is or their industry, 63% of surveyed job seekers believe it takes between 1 and 6 months to find work.2

High Competition

Each corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes.3 While most job applicants realize how competitive open positions are, they may start to feel defeated or like there isn’t any hope considering only a handful of that 250 will receive a call for an interview. Ultimately, only one candidate will accept the position.

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How a Recruiter Can Help Overcome Hiring Roadblocks

Skilled professionals struggling to get called for an interview or to hear back from organizations they apply to should consider working with a recruiter. Recruitment teams work closely with other applicants and organizations to place the right candidate at the right job.

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Recruiters help job seekers find open positions more efficiently, find more job opportunities, and know what strategies they should use to increase their chances of making it to the interview stage.


Save Time

Recruiters have connections with a large selection of employers looking for skilled talent. When a staffing agency hears of a job position, their headhunters can reach out to qualified applicants to let them know of the opportunity, streamlining the process for the candidate.


Gain Access to More Opportunities

Job seekers working with a recruiter hear about some open positions before general applicants do, giving them an early advantage. In addition, recruiters can recommend positions at exciting companies to apply for that the candidate may not have otherwise considered, and some opportunities are only available through recruiter connections.

Offer Pointers on Job Applications

Job seekers working with a recruiter often have an advantage over those who don’t because they know what employers are looking for in an ideal candidate and can offer tips and strategies to stand out during the application process. Headhunters often work with candidates to review their resumes and coach them to stand out when submitting their applications.

Provide Recommendations on Reskilling

Job applicants applying for positions in a new industry may struggle to find relevant experience. A recruiter can analyze a professional’s skill set, such as experience with organization, time management, and communication, and identify easily translatable attributes that would make them strong candidates for jobs where they otherwise wouldn’t be as qualified.

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