Staffing Agencies in Charlotte, NC: What Job Seekers Should Look for in Charlotte and Beyond

Staffing Agencies in Charlotte, NC: What Job Seekers Should Look for in Charlotte and Beyond

From 2009-2019, the population of Charlotte grew by almost 60%, making Charlotte, NC one of the three fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, job growth was high, earning the city the number-five spot on Forbes’ list of the best cities for jobs in 2018.¹

However, the economic effects of COVID-19 are still being felt in Charlotte, as those industries hit hardest, including hospitality, professional services and healthcare are just beginning to rebound, and the people that have been displaced consider different options for getting back to work.

If a traditional job search isn’t helping you find the right job right now, you may consider partnering with a staffing agency. The recruiters at these firms can help connect candidates with jobs in several different ways.

Advantages of a Staffing Agency:

1. Advisement

A staffing agency with experience can provide support and advice to candidates to help them put their best foot forward in a job search, and make a good impression on potential employers. This may include:

  • Resume and cover letter: A recruiter can review your resume and cover letter before it is sent to employers. This can help you find and correct errors, and target your skills to match the job requirements to emphasize your fit.
  • Online profile: Today’s hiring managers often conduct an online search of candidates before conducting an interview, or extending an offer. A recruiting agency can help you build and refine your online profile to ensure that it presents the correct impression to potential employers.
  • Interviewing skills: Interviews are always stressful, but in a post-COVID environment, interviewing processes and etiquette are changing. Make sure that you are prepared for interviews whether they take place in person, on the phone, or remotely by video. Your recruiter can help you improve your interview etiquette and prepare responses to specific questions that may be asked.

2. Employer connection

A good staffing agency spends its time and effort building relationships with top candidates – and with top employers, as well. This means that the best agencies work hand-in-hand with companies, and often are alerted of job openings before they are ever posted publicly. If your resume is already in the queue at an agency, and has been reviewed by a recruiter, you may have an advantage in getting your resume in front of a hiring manager for an open position before the general public.

Moreover, the agency will have specific insight that they have garnered from their relationship with the organization: about the company, the culture, and the specific attributes that are necessary to land the job and succeed one hired. They can provide you with this insight to improve your chances of finding, and landing, the right job for you.

3. Types of jobs

While different agencies have different specialties, staffing agencies often place candidates in a number of different types of jobs, including temporary, contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement. Particularly in an economic environment that is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, employers are looking outside of traditional hires to maintain workforce flexibility and keep headcount low – and by using agencies, they can do this.

However, different types of work relationships benefit candidates as well as employers. Some of the benefits of temporary work for workers include exposure to different types of jobs and employers, the opportunity to expand your career network, and bridging the gap between other, more permanent positions.

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What do the temporary Laborers think of their jobs? · Most (76%) work full time, comparable to the overall workforce (82%). · Half (49%) of staffing employees say it’s a way to get a permanent job. · Nine out 10 said staffing work made them more employable. · One-third (35%) were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66%) of those accepted the offers of permanent employment.

What to Look for in a Staffing Agency

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of working with a recruiting firm to expand your job search, make sure that you choose the right partner for you. When looking at agencies in Charlotte, NC that will meet your unique needs, be sure to consider a variety of factors, including:

Understanding of the geographical region

In Charlotte, it is critical to choose an agency that has a good understanding of the local area, and can provide insights and recommendations based on their knowledge. An agency with a home base in California might be unaware of the specifics of neighborhoods, commutes, public transport and parking, and more aspects that affect the suitability of a job for an individual.

Ongoing support throughout the process

The role of a staffing agency is to be the liaison between candidates and employers, making the job search process easier for both parties. Therefore, you’ll want to find an agency who will provide superior service, focusing on communication and transparency to quickly integrate you into a work environment that fits your unique needs.

Current specialties that meet your career goals

Whether you’re in IT, finance, creative services, etc., you’ll want to seek out a staffing agency that serves your specific skills. This ensures that they have deep connections in your given industry, which should translate into the ability to quickly find positions that match your skills and expertise.

A point person that adequately prepares you for an interview

While some agencies simply match you with an employer and throw you into the lion’s den to fend for yourself, you’ll be much more likely to land the job if they take the time to prepare you and help you win your next job interview. This results in a win for them, a win for the employer, and a slam dunk for you.

An ongoing relationship

Lastly, you’ll want someone who will follow up with you once you land the position, to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding experience. Although temping is normally a shorter term plan, it's also helpful to have an ongoing relationship with an agency to make the process easier should you find yourself back on the market for a job in the future.

Working with an experienced staffing agency can help you in your job search in a number of different ways: offering the support, experience, and expertise that can help you find and land your dream job: while opening your search to jobs that you may not have heard of otherwise.

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