5 Benefits of Temporary Work for Job Seekers

5 Benefits of Temporary Work for Job Seekers

Are you thinking about your career path, and what it will take to reach the goals you have set? When planning a strategy, don’t limit yourself to traditional, regular full-time employment: perhaps contract or temporary work is right for you. Taking on a short-term, project-based, or temporary employment through a staffing agency can help you reach your career goals in ways that you may not have considered.

Temporary work may be a more common opportunity for job seekers in the near future. As the US economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, more employers are considering taking on temporary workers instead of hiring regular, full-time employees. In fact, one study1 found that nearly a third of US companies are planning on hiring temporary workers: twice the rate pre-pandemic.

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Benefits of Temporary Employment Include:


1. Exposure

A temporary assignment is a great way to try out a new position or a new company, before making a long-term commitment. Perhaps you are looking for a job similar to the one you already have, but in a company that offers a different culture, benefits, or work environment. A temporary job at a different company can help you get a feel for the type of company you’d like to work for in the future. On the other hand, if you’re interested in exploring a new career, or changing to a new field or industry, temporary employment can help you determine whether the job change works for you before you invest time and money in developing new skills, or conducting a search for a regular, full-time job.

2. Experience

While having the right experience for the job you want is a common problem for new graduates, people at every stage of their career can be faced with this challenge. A temporary job allows a candidate to gain on-the-job experience that can be extremely valuable in an ongoing job search.
Many recruiting firms specialize in a particular agency or field – so candidates that are drawn to a specific type of job can connect with a firm that specializes in their field of interest. For example, applicants who are looking for new opportunities in their current career path can target specialty firms that specialize in placing talent within a specific field (e.g., an accounting recruiting firm or an IT staffing company); or firms that cater to a specific industry, such as telecommunications, finance, or government. Temporary employment benefits not only those interested in making a change, it can also facilitate employment for those who want to continue with their existing career path.

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3. Networking

A temporary job means meeting new people at all levels of an organization. Widening your network of contacts can lead to additional opportunities, either internally at the assigned company, or externally through a larger group of contacts. In fact, an estimated[2] 85% of jobs are filled through networking - and often, jobs can be filled through networking and employee referrals before they are even advertised to job boards.

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4. Skills

Temporary work is a great way to add new skills to your repertoire, which can be applied to your job search and used in your future career. With a temporary job, you can build your skills in different areas quickly, with real-life, on-the-job experiences that can be added to your resume, and help you in your future job search.

5. Bridge the Gap

On average, it can take six weeks to find a job, and the job search can take even longer depending on the type of job, location, experience, number of applicants, and company hiring practices. A temporary job can help to provide continuing income during your job search, while also filling the gaps in your resume while you are looking for full-time employment.

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Temporary positions can be a great way for candidates to take the next step on their career path: providing flexibility and variety, while allowing a candidate and a company to try one another out.

If you’re looking for your next career opportunity, check out the Sparks Group Job Board for the most up to date information on open positions, including temporary, contract, and regular full-time jobs. Or you can connect with one of Sparks Group's recruiting professionals who can help you create a strategy to gain the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to land your dream job.New call-to-actionSources:
[1] https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/08/05/jobs-worried-another-downturn-firms-hire-temps-contractors/5578571002/
[2] https://review42.com/networking-statistics/

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