Job Search Tips for When You Are Currently Employed

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Don't Send Up Red Flags: How to Search For a Job While You’re Currently Employed

We’ve all been there. Your current job just isn’t meeting your needs anymore and you begin to consider exploring other options. And since you always want to minimize the amount of time that you spend in unemployment or between jobs, it’s often necessary to begin job hunting as you continue to work for the same organization.

But how do you start the job search while you’re still in your current position? Here are a few important ways to quietly begin your search and ensure that you do not send up job search red flags.

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1. Tread Carefully 

No employer wants an employee that’s trying to abandon ship. As you start job hunting for another position, it’s crucial that you keep this information to yourself.

Don’t tell co-workers that you’re looking to leave. Don’t search for positions online using your workplace computer. Don’t take calls from prospective employers when other employees are within earshot.

No one expects you to stay in your current position forever, but you certainly don’t want your manager and/or colleagues to know when you’re actively on the job market.

2. Don’t Let Your Search Distract You 

Many times when an employee begins to look for a new position, they start to put less effort into their current role. Big mistake.

You will likely need your current employer as a reference when you find another job. Not to mention that a sudden drop in initiative and productivity may alert your colleagues that you’re no longer interested and possibly looking to make a move.

3. It’s a Small World

Your professional network is smaller than you think. If you’re interviewing with another company within your industry—especially if that company is a direct competitor of your current organization—there’s always a chance that the word could get out. Keep this mind when you speak with prospective employers, and consider politely asking them to be discrete.

For more job search tips while you’re still employed, contact Sparks Group. Our friendly staff can provide lots of information, as well as assist you with your job search!

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