The 5 Best Ways To Find Freelance Gigs

Find Freelance Gigs

Freelance gigs enable expert professionals to have full control over their workday, including their schedule, the type of work they do, the people and companies they collaborate with, and the volume of work they take on at once. Due to the freedom and flexibility freelancers have, it's no surprise that today one-third of the American workforce are now freelancers.

With more freelancers competing for the same work, finding new clients quickly and efficiently can be a challenge. Here are the five best tactics to find clients and make sure you never have to work for the man again.

5 Ways To Find Freelance Gigs

1. Referrals From Colleagues and Clients

If you had a job before you became a freelancer then your old bosses, colleagues, and clients are a fantastic source of referrals.

Focus your efforts on your old bosses who you’ve had a good relationship and on colleagues who have moved onto other companies. Consider reaching out to clients of your previous company, too—just make sure you aren’t trying to compete with your prior company.

2. Social Media Platforms

There are plenty of job opportunities on social media if you know where to look. Find, join and participate in industry and local groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you prove your value by showcasing your skill set in your profile and related groups, other members will begin to seek out your expertise actively.

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3. Networking Events

While networking can be intimidating and time-consuming, it is a great way to make business connections and find freelance work.

Typically, clients prefer to do business with people they’ve met in the person. Spending time making a great impression at a networking event can lead to more job offers than if you just cold emailed businesses.

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4. Freelancing Platforms

Dedicated websites like Upwork and are a great way to dip your feet into the world of freelancing. While the quality of clients on these kinds of sites leaves a little to be desired, they are a fantastic source of jobs to grow your portfolio.

Don’t limit yourself to the big name platforms that everyone uses. Dig a little deeper and the chances are high that you’ll find niche platforms dedicated to your industry. The quality of client here tends to be a lot higher compared to the big platforms, as is the pay.

5. Staffing Firms

Staffing and recruiting services may not be the first source you think of for freelance work, but they offer amazing opportunities for professional freelancers who still want to spend time in the office without the constraints of a contract.

Staffing and recruiting firms, like Sparks Group, have relationships with some of the biggest employers in your industry and are the only way to get your foot in the door with these clients.

Sparks Group is a staffing and recruiting firm with experience matching clients to relevant freelance gigs, as well as temporary staffing and contract-to-hire opportunities. With Sparks Group as your strategic partner, you can quickly find freelance work that matches your unique skill set for a faster and more simple job search experience.

Find your next freelance position today by heading over to our jobs board, or speak to one of our consultants for more information on how a staffing firm like Sparks Group can help.

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