10 Commonly Asked Behavioral Interview Questions

10 Common Behavioral Interview Questions

Great news! You successfully completed the phone interview and have been invited for an in-person interview with a hiring manager or recruiter! Chances are that during the interview you will be asked behavioral-based questions that will challenge you with citing real examples in your past work experience.

What is behavioral-based interviewing?

Behavioral interviewing is a technique that emphasizes the systematic use of open-ended questions to assess behaviors, not just traits. The underlying philosophy is that "past behavior is a strong predictor of future performance.” Behavioral interviewing allows the recruiter or hiring manager to collect and document specific examples of the interviewee’s work ethic, flexibility, reliability, commitment, or any other identifiable job-related success factors. By documenting these behaviors, hiring managers and recruiters are better able to ensure that the candidate and the organization/position are an ideal fit.

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What are some examples of behavioral interview questions?

Below we have included 10 commonly asked behavioral interview questions that job seekers may encounter. You may notice that many are, in fact, not questions at all; they are open-ended statements inviting a detailed response. For each question/statement, you will want to use the "STAR Approach" (Situation, Task, Action, Result)! Think of a situation or task demonstrating a past experience where you needed to display the skill. Describe the action you took to complete it and the results achieved.

  1. “What are your long term and short-term career goals and objectives? What are you doing in your career and professional development to achieve these goals and objectives?”
  2. “What would you consider to be your greatest strength(s) and/or weakness(es)? What would a current/former manager consider to be your greatest strength(s) and/or weakness(es)?”
  3. “Describe the best manager/supervisor you ever had. What qualities did they exhibit to motivate you to put forth your greatest effort?”
  4. “Describe a time when you were challenged by a difficult client, customer or coworker. What strategies did you use to partner together and achieve your goals?”
  5. “Describe a time of when you had to work in a team.”
  6. “What type of work environment do you thrive in?”
  7. “Describe a time when you made a mistake and how you overcame it. What did you learn from your mistakes and how did you avoid making it in the future?”
  8. “Provide an example of a time when you needed to perform research to solve a problem. How did you analyze the information/data to arrive a decision/conclusion?"
  9. “Provide an example when you went above and beyond the call of duty in order to get the job done.”
  10. “Describe a project that you worked on where you had the opportunity to be creative.”

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