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What is Your LinkedIn Strategy? And How Do You Know if it’s Working?

  There’s a lot more to a LinkedIn strategy than just filling out a profile and waiting for something to happen. Especially if you’re actively searching for a job, LinkedIn can be an extremely useful...
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6 Mistakes That Professionals Make on Their LinkedIn Profile

When used correctly, LinkedIn can serve as an invaluable asset to your professional career. But many professionals don’t understand how to use this social networking platform effectively. To get the...
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Do LinkedIn Recommendations Seal the Deal? Or Ruin Your Chances?

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks: Impact of Recommendations on Job Searching Most professionals these days are on LinkedIn. The networking site can be a great place to connect with new business contacts and...
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How to Make Connections on LinkedIn (with Potential Employers!)

Making the first move with a new contact is always nerve racking. Whether in person or online, approaching a stranger or new business acquaintance takes time, effort and courage.
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