Happy 5th Anniversary Adjo Laison



Please join us in congratulating Adjo Laison, an Accountant from our corporate back office team on celebrating five years with Sparks Group. "Managing people is an incredible experience but working with people who are outstanding in what they do is a real treat for a director or manager," said Chief Financial Officer Frank DeLapa. "Today I would like to recognize Adjo Laison who has demonstrated to me, and the company, that loyalty and hard work are not about the job or the company, but about who he is as an individual."

Several of Adjo's colleagues shared some incredible quotes as part of this celebration.

"[Adjo] has the ability to look at complex processes and find the points where they can be [improved] …..and is also trusted to participate as a field tester when we implement changes in our systems." - Paul Zimmermann, Payroll Specialist

"Adjo is a versatile accounting professional that brings an appreciated combination of technical skills and willingness to improve processes. He has made significant contributions to the success of our systems." - Chris Canali, Director of IT and Data Management

"Adjo is a great colleague and co-worker. He is always a team player and willing to jump in and help when needed…. It’s such a pleasure working with him." - Ann Wang, Human Resources Manager

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