Congratulations to our Latest Employee of the Quarter - Donna Veneziano!

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Donna Veneziano Has Been Selected as Employee of the Quarter for Sparks Group Internal Staff Members!

The entire team at Sparks Group is pleased to announce our latest Employee of the Quarter- Donna Veneziano from our Accounting & Finance division!

"Donna may be all the way in California, but she makes everyone feel like they are the most important event taking place in her life at that moment," said Evette Baker, President of Sparks Group. "The miles may be far but the service is sitting right next to you, at all times."

Donna was selected via a peer nomination process, with final selection coming from the Sparks Group Executive Team. Here were some of the emails that were received nominating Donna:

  • "I would like to nominate Donna Veneziano for Employee of the Quarter! I cannot say enough about her from working with her for 9 or so years now. She is truly amazing in her ability to develop and manage client relationships. She makes our jobs a little easier from the recruiting side. She has been known to stay late and work over the weekends just to get her submittals to clients in the system. She rarely lets the day to day frustration of this job get to her. I can count of her for anything! I have learned so much from Donna V. She is a legend!"
  • I would like to nominate Donna Veneziano!!! Much of our success is attributed to the hours she spends in each and every one of our submittals and following through with each and every client. I can count the number of times she has stayed after hours and worked weekends to “seal the deal” of negotiations between the candidate and the clients. She never lets a single submittal drop. She has anywhere from 30-50 submittals she tracks on a weekly basis while not losing sight of a single one. She always listens to both the client as well as the recruiters to find a happy balance and is always respectful of everyone’s time and energy. Again she is truly the “dark horse” in our A&F group and a huge reason we are so successful. Her endless dedication and the overtime she puts in every week to make us successful is more than commendable; it is honorable!"
  • "I am voting for Donna Veneziano, A&F Account Executive. Donna has been a POWERHOUSE in our A&F Division. Not only is she great at developing strong relationships with clients, she is also great at developing strong relationships with recruiters to partner together and ensure we have the best fit for the client and candidate. She is easy to work with and knows exactly what she wants. She is very communicative and an overall caring person. I feel she truly cares about me personally which has helped shape the A&F environment."
  • "I’d like to nominate Donna Veneziano for Employee of the Quarter. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Donna (but I’m gonna try to use a lot)! She is a great mentor, excellent manager, and awesome teammate. She makes everyone feel like family and beyond being a great mother to her girls, she is a “mama” to us all. Additionally, she is having an outstanding year as an Account Executive, all the way from sunny California, which I think speaks to her amazing and charming personality. Donna is always ON – in the wee hours of the morning in CA, late at night, on the weekends – she is doing what it takes! If I could nominate her more than once, I would."

Thank you for all you do to make us a great organization, Donna, and congratulations!


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