Takeaways From the 2017 Staffing Industry Analysts North America Executive Forum

Technology and Culture Rule- and Success is Fun (and Motivating)! 

Last week, our very own Steve Sparks and Evette Baker attended the 2017 Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Executive Forum North America event in San Diego, CA. The event brought together several luminaries across the staffing and human capital industries, to discuss key issues under the larger theme of ‘Dare to Lead,’ tackling specific ways that leadership style and approach will determine the future of your business.

We caught up with Steve and Evette once they got back to town to ask them about some of the key lessons they learned, and what they heard from their peers across the country.

  1. Large-scale Growth and Recognition Within the Staffing Industry- Led by the Best and Brightest.

Both Steve and Evette mentioned that they have not attended this event often (or at all) in the past, and the decision to go this year was largely due to the increased visibility the larger industry is experiencing at the moment, and the brain-trust of experts SIA brings together. Key areas, such as Contingent Staffing, are particularly primed for growth, with an increase from 12% of organizations utilizing this type of talent in 2009 to 22% in 2016. This number is only expected to increase, to a projected 29% by 2026. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 50 years, and there is an overwhelming sense of pride to be part of such a dynamic industry that attracts some of the country’s smartest professionals.

  1. Technology - and Organizations’ Willingness to Embrace it and Evolve - Wins the Day.

A large part of the conference discussion centered on the enormous value and potential technology delivers to draw organizations and leadership closer to their talent and clients alike - to foster improved communication and build real, lasting relationships that drive top returns and success. We’re pulled in so many ways every day - and thus forced to be more efficient with every passing day. This quest for efficiency is a powerful connector between staffing industry professionals like us and our clients and the talent we serve.

  1. It’s a ‘Grow or Die’ World.

Customers want to deal with less and less vendors, making it critically important for staffing organizations and professionals to provide full services, boost their responsiveness, and show value all of the time. Employment models are also becoming more and more compliance-based, increasing the role of staffing organizations, and the Professional Services field (IT, Creative, Accounting, and Direct Hire Search) continues to be the area where the greatest future growth is expected to stem from.

  1. The Customer Isn’t Just Right, They’re the Center of the Universe.

A customer-centric model is vital to driving success, ROI, and positive business outcomes. Value=Benefits-Costs, and it’s important to remember that a true model that puts the customer first should include key steps such as ‘Expect, Inspect, and Incent’ in order to fit the bill.

  1. Culture is Key.

Fostering a transparent workplace imbued with strong, dynamic leadership that places an emphasis on employee morale and satisfaction is an essential ingredient to building a successful staffing industry relationship. Take the time to develop and build this, while ensuring employees are valued and have opportunities to grow professionally while having fun and loving each other- and the rewards will be unmatched. Success is fun- and motivating.

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