Know Your Worth: 5 Job Offer Negotiation and Salary Negotiation Tips

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Congratulations! You found a great job opportunity, made it through several rounds of interviews, and have been offered the position. Now, there’s only one thing standing between you and the next chapter of your career - salary negotiation.

As a talented professional, your skills are in hot demand, so don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Here are 5 salary negotiation tips to assist you when you receive a job offer.

1. Research Your Market Rate

You won’t know if a salary offer is reasonable unless you find your fair market value. Use sites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and to learn what other professionals in the area with your credentials and level of experience are earning. If the number is below this level, present your research to the company to make your case that it isn't currently in line with market value.

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2. Get Creative With Compensation

The number of zeros on your paycheck is certainly important, but it’s not everything. If you’re pretty sure the company can’t afford to pay you what you want or you’re more interested in quality of life benefits than a sky-high salary, focus on other perks. For example:

  • Request an additional week of vacation
  • See if you can work from home two days per week
  • Negotiate a flexible schedule.

3. Ask For More Than You Expect

Most employers are prepared to negotiate salary, so in order to play the game, you may need to inflate your salary expectations for the first round. When the company counters — which will most likely happen — meeting in the middle will actually be the number you hoped to receive all along, so everyone gets their way.

4. Maintain a Respectful Attitude 

The process of salary negotiation can be incredibly frustrating, but try not to take things too personally. If you become demanding or behave in an otherwise disrespectful manner, the company has every right to rescind the offer. You may ultimately pass on the job because of an inability to reach a salary agreement. However, you still want to leave things on amicable terms and make the decision yours — not theirs.

5. Trust an Expert 

When you partner with a recruiter, you gain not only their assistance finding a job, but also their guidance and help during the job offer phase. Recruiters place a large number candidates in various fields, which helps them have inside knowledge regarding the market and a fair offer. This knowledge can be invaluable to you and your career, so be sure to leverage it whenever possible.

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